Paul Rose visits Dartmouth!

On Tuesday Paul Rose came to Dartmouth to talk about his experiences all around the globe. A true adventurer, Paul spoke about skiing trips across Greenland, scuba diving in the Mediterranean, hiking in the Himalayas, and working in the Antarctic. Throughout his talk, Paul emphasized the importance of communication. Sure he may travel the world hiking new mountains and setting new routes or diving into a literal black hole, but then he must find a way to show the public what he has seen and experienced on his adventures (for each trip is nothing short of an adventure) and communicate to us why what he sees is important.
Paul has worked with the BBC making documentaries of natural spaces around the world. A scuba diver at heart, Paul spent time talking about filming ‘Oceans,’ a BBC series which took him to the black hole in the Bahamas, to caverns in the Mediterranean where the effects of water level rise and fall over the centuries was evident, to the coast of Mexico where he dove with Mexicans using hacked together and out dated diving equipment, and to deep water dives searching for elusive sharks. Through this television series, as well as through his other adventures, Paul has found a way to combine what he loves best: travel and sharing.
Many thanks to Paul for a fabulous and animated talk and for inspiring the adventurer in all of us!

Ice Cores Lab at Thayer

Ice Cores Lab at Thayer

Today we had the opportunity to visit the ice cores lab at Thayer School of Engineering. Kaitlin Keegan, an IGERT and grad student at Thayer, was kind enough to show us around the building and let us into the lab to show what a firn looks like.

We learned that polar ice sheets are important in Earth’s climate system and tell us a lot about environmental conditions in the past, like temperature and amount of carbon in the atmosphere. We got to see a firn from Greenland, which a part of is being used to improve understanding of the environment and climate throughout history.

Special thanks to Alden Adolph and Kaitlin Keegan for making this awesome experience happen!